Welcome to the eXfuze Challenge!

Step 1
Get Your Score

Before you begin any new Challenge it is important to understand your starting point. The eXfuze Scorecard will give you an indication of where are…compared to where you want to be.  Change Your Score, Change Your Life.

Step 2
Get On a Challenge

Once you have your Score, choose a Challenge Pak that’s right for you. You may want to focus on the lowest of the 3 possible scores to start. Once you improve your lowest score, you may want to reassess yourself and set a new goal.

Step 3
Get Your Pak Free*

Statistics show that people who participate in a group Challenge have a higher success rate than those to go it alone. So share the Challenge with 4 people, and once they sign up, you can start earning Challenge bucks to go towards your own Challenge Pak! Best of all, Challenge Bucks never flush…they keep accruing until you have enough money to pay for your pak!
*Just Pay Shipping & Handling

Join the
Winners Circle

Each quarter we will select one grand prize winner to win a cruise, a getaway, travel voucher or any one of a number of great prize packages! To enter to win a grand prize, simply submit your testimonial, scorecards, and before and after pictures. And don’t forget, take lots of photos and videos and post them to our FB page so your others can celebrate with you, and be encouraged by you!

Download & Print Enrollment Forms